The Humble Homepage of Christopher Erickson

Alaskan SCUBA Diving

I became certified to SCUBA dive in 1986 while on vacation in Hawaii with a friend
by the name of Steve Simkins.  We had traveled to Hawaii so we could climb Mauna Kea
Volcano (13,780 feet) and get some good astrophotos of Halley's Comet.  Steve convinced
me to get certified to dive while we were there.  These were the days when we were both still
single and actually had disposable income.   Since that time, I have gained my SCUBA
instructor rating with NAUI, SSI and NASE.   I also have a PADI Divemaster rating.  I think
the weightless feeling of SCUBA diving is as about as close as I will ever get to the sensation
of being in zero-gravity in outer-space.  If you are not a diver yet, just do it.  No sniveling!
No excuses!

Alaskan diving photo gallery

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