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What can I say?  I am an HP bigot and have been obsessively buying HP calculators and laptops
since the seventies.  I plan to put some trivia about the HP laptops I have owned over the
years here.  I will give special attention to the HP Omnibook series of laptops, since I have
been using them exclusively since the announcement of the model 300.

Most of the computers associated with these archives are obsolete by current computer
standards.  Many of the files in these archives have been both collected from all kinds of
sources both on the 'net as well as other sources over a long period of time.  It is assumed
that no violations of any copyrights exist within these archives.  If any are brought to my
attention by the owners of such copyrights, I will remove the copyrighted materials as well
as apologize for my unknowing transgression.
I will also do 1,000 "Hail Bills" and go to Catholic Confession. 
I am not Catholic and have never been to a Catholic Confession, but you got to admit that they sound pretty humbling!

If you have any files or information that would benefit other users of these computers, they would
be welcome for inclusion in this archive.


My HP Omnibook File Archives

Some of my favorite Omnibook links
Some are broken, but I keep hoping they might come back!

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