The Humble Homepage of Christopher Erickson

Telescope making stuff

Here I hope to be able to make some small contribution to the art of creating gadgets
related to telescopes.

If you are interested in adding Meade Autostar GOTO control to your existing telescope,
click here.

If you are interested in fixing the motors on our Meade DS-Series telescope so the darn
thing works right, click here.


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So far, I have made mundane things like the following:

Motorized camera wedge, AC/DC

Fiber-glass tube hole patch from an aluminum pop can

2" eyepiece adapter for a little Meade 2045

Meade 2045 deluxe astro wedge

Meade 2045 AC to Quartz AC/DC upgrade

Meade 2045 camera mount rail

Meade 2045 polar alignment scope rail

Meade 2045 Northern latitudes tripod leg

Bogen tripod mods for enhanced small telescope stability

Declination motor redesign for my 10" Newtonian

10" Scope cradle for Cave Astrola mount

Mini-mag light adapter for crosshair reticule eyepiece

TTL Flash and modeling light bracket for Nikon slide copying bellows

Full robo-scope GOTO conversion of my Bresser Pulsar 120mm refractor

Meade moto-focus adaptation to Bresser Pulsar 120mm refractor

Vertical stabilizing rod for Bresser Pulsar 120mm refractor

Camera rail for Bresser Pulsar 120mm refractor


Here are my some of my future wish-projects

Hostile weather detector for Robo-dome

EMR-based Auora-Borealis detector

Color CCD Aurora-Borealis camera

Internet control for Robo-scope

Daytime Internet-control Robo-cam

Dynamic security system for Robo-scope


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